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Accept web3.0 payments with unmatched asset growth, all in one place.

Pelago Explained in 3 mins

Keep Your Funds
in Your Own Hands.

Pelago is fully decentralized: no intermediaries are involved in receiving crypto payments, meaning no custodian risk arises. All transactions are handled 100% by smart contract, so you’re the only person that has access to the funds you accept.

Quick & Seamless Setup

Say goodbye to time-consuming KYCs and onboarding processes. With a single integration using the Pelago API or Plug-in, you’ll be up and running right away!

Accept Any Crypto Tokens

Pelago gives you the freedom to choose what cryptocurrencies to receive, while allowing your crypto spenders to pay in any digital currency, from multiple blockchains.

A Huge Leap in Privacy Protection

Pelago uses groundbreaking Verifiable Credentials and Zero-Knowledge Proofs technology to ensure that transaction histories added to the blockchain cannot be traced back to the businesses they belong to.

Fast, Low-cost Off Ramps

Accept crypto payments and settle them in your preferred local currencies to avoid volatility. The Pelago team and its partners have outstanding clearing capability for frictionless payouts in fiat. All major currencies are supported.

Full Visibility and Control

Businesses can manage their crypto asset acceptance from an all-in-one online workspace. With everything made available at a glance, you can easily view a snapshot of your business’ crypto-finances and manage those funds in real-time.

*The Pelago merchant workspace is available for an added fee.

Earn Interest

Anyone can contribute crypto to Pelago’s liquidity pools and earn stable interest without the risk of impermanent loss, regardless of market sentiment. Providers who contribute any single crypto asset to a pool profit from each transaction using their share of the pool.

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