Welcome to the Era of Decentralized Crypto Payment Acceptance

Pelago handles transactions completely by smart contract, and uses an industry-first liquidity pool approach that’s purpose-built for payments.

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Accept Crypto Payments with Pelago

Why Merchants Are Keen to Accept Crypto Payments

Access to a wider
customer base​

brand perception

No chargeback
or fraud risk

Lower-cost merchant discount rates (MDR)

The Pelago Approach

Full Decentralization

Payments are processed via smart contract, automatically and with complete transparency. Merchants using Pelago are therefore immune from custodian risks associated with unregulated payment processors.

Unique Liquidity Pool Usage

Accepting crypto payments through Pelago incurs an industry-beating transaction fee thanks to its innovatively designed liquidity pool system. Liquidity providers can also earn stable yields in return for their contributions.

Groundbreaking Privacy Protection Technology

Pelago incorporates Verifiable Credentials and Zero Knowledge Proofs security standards into every transaction, making it impossible to trace payment records to particular merchants.

Fast, Low-Cost On & Off Ramps

Accept crypto payments and settle them in preferred local currencies to avoid volatility. All major currencies are supported.

Earn by Providing Liquidity

A liquidity pool is a crucial element of Pelago’s Payment Ecosystem. It reduces the complexity of fund aggregation and thus enables merchants to accept payments at a low cost. Pelago’s is also unlike other liquidity pools, whose providers must contribute asset pairs. Instead, investments in Pelago are free of impermanent loss because they are only one asset

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