How To Integrate Pelago With Your Online Store

This page provides steps for integrating Pelago with your online store. Integration allows merchants to accept digital currency payments with ease.

Step 1

Download the Pelago plugin. For assistance, contact

Step 2

Login to the Pelago platform and then navigate to “SETTINGS” -> “API KEYS”. Then copy your API key onto your clipboard or record it in a note file for later use.

Note: Don’t have a Pelago platform account? Click here to get started.

Step 3

Upload the Pelago plugin to your ecommerce store:
To illustrate, let’s take the example of uploading the plugin to a store on WooCommerce (built on WordPress), one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.
In the sidebar menu on your WordPress account, locate “Plugins” -> “Add New”

Step 4

Click “Upload Plugin”

Step 5

Upload the plugin’s “.zip” file by clicking “Choose File”
Then click “Install Now”

Step 6

Activate the plugin:

Step 7

Go to “Settings”, which will direct the user to the WooCommerce configuration menu within WordPress. Then select “Payments”:

Step 8

Paste the API key from Step 2 into the textbox of the “appKey” field shown below. Then click “Save changes”:

Step 9

Congratulations! You’ve completed the integration–now you’ll be able to see the new “Pay Crypto with Pelago” payment method in your online store’s checkout page:
Payment Page Demo: