The First Liquidity Pool Purpose-built for Payments

Become a liquidity provider to the Pelago Payment Ecosystem, and earn interest without impermanent loss. 

Critical DeFi infrastructure powers the Pelago payment protocol

Enables merchants to accept payments at a low cost by reducing the complexity of fund aggregation and payment transfers

Handled by smart contract, with no human intervention involved​

Built by all Pelago liquidity providers, worldwide​

Stable and High Yields for Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers who contribute any single crypto asset to Pelago’s liquidity pool profit from each transaction that uses their contribution to the pool. In addition, they are rewarded with Pelago tokens for staking their liquidity-provider tokens (LPTs).

Zero impermanent loss, as assets are not contributed in pairs of different types

Stable and high yields regardless of market sentiment

Choose to remove your liquidity contributions instantly, at anytime

Enjoy the rising value of Pelago tokens

Pelago Token

The Pelago token is a utility token designed to drive and incentivize use of and collaboration with the Pelago payment network.
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How the Pelago Liquidity Pool Works

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