Pelago Control Panel Guide

By utilizing blockchain smart contracts, Pelago allows businesses worldwide to seamlessly accept crypto payments while removing intermediaries from the payment process. This eliminates custodial risk and ensures that clients’ digital assets remain secure in their own hands

Control Panel

Through the Pelago control panel  merchants can complete API integration of Pelago, and manage all of their crypto assets.

After activating their Pelago merchant account and  connecting their wallet to the Pelago platform, merchants gain access to the panel , which offers important tools for managing crypto payments, including the merchant dashboard. 


The dashboard offers merchants detailed statistics and insights that capture their financial outlook. The “Balance Overview” section within the dashboard provides real-time and comprehensive analyses that present valuable insights into the merchant’s crypto acceptance performance. Pelago provides merchants with analyses from periods ranging from 24 hours to 1 month, giving merchants  the data they need to make informed business decisions.

My Assets

This section of the control panel provides clear overviews of all transactions managed by Pelago,  including records of crypto income and withdrawals.  Through the ‘Withdraw’ tab in “My Assets”, merchants also have the flexibility to withdraw payment funds into their wallets as needed.


In the “Settings” section, merchants can easily maintain and manage their business  information, secret key information, slippage configuration, and other important details of their Pelago account.

QR Code

In the “QR Code” section merchants can  generate customized QR codes that  serve as invoices for orders. These invoices indicate the designated blockchain network used for a given payment, and the corresponding token. In this section merchants can also easily track the progress of each order, and view detailed information on them through the  transaction history feature.


 The “Admin” board lets merchants  manage their own account information as well as their sub-account details and permissions. The  platform allows merchants to conveniently create, modify, and oversee diverse sub-accounts for their team members, tailored to their specific requirements.