Pelago Wallet Linking Guide

Pelago lets businesses around the globe accept crypto payments seamlessly by managing digital asset transfers exclusively via blockchain smart contract. This removes any intermediary from the payment process, eliminating custodian risk and thus leaving clients’ digital assets safe in their own hands.

This page provides merchants step-by-step instructions for connecting their wallet to Pelago.

Link Wallet

Step 1

Visit “” and click “Connect Metamask Wallet

Note: If you have not already installed Metamask , click “Install Metamask Wallet” to install the Metamask extension. 

Step 2

When a “Metamask” window pops up, select the wallet account you would like to connect and then click “Next”:

Step 3

Click “Connect

Step 4

Click “Connect Metamask Wallet” again

Step 5

Click “Sign” 

Note: After signing, you will be directed to the “store settings” page.

Step 6

Set up a customized store name and then click “Next

Step 7

Click on your store name:

Step 8

Set up your Decentralized ID, and then click  “confirm”:

Step 9

Congratulations, now you can start your crypto acceptance journey with Pelago: