Pelago’s All-In-One Merchant Workspace at a Glance

Built by a team with over 20 years of experience in payments technology, Pelago offers a fully decentralized solution for accepting crypto payments, along with a management platform that lets merchants seamlessly track payments, gain insights into their crypto finances, and much more. 

As soon as a merchant using Pelago creates their profile, they can log in to the workspace, the special features of which we’ll explore in this post. 

Financial Insights at Your Fingertips

After logging into the merchant workspace you will see tabs for Dashboard, My Assets, Settings, QR Code and Admin. Each section provides access to useful tools to help you manage your crypto finances. 

The Dashboard shows merchants an overview of their total crypto balances and daily income..The balance overview in this section provides insights into the business’ daily, weekly, and monthly performance. 

In the My Assets section, merchants can view detailed individual payment histories, and find specific transactions using custom filters.

Create QR Codes Easily for Billing Purposes

Businesses can easily generate unique QR codes for one-time payments using  Pelago’s merchant workspace, enabling smooth and secure settlements for any purpose.

To create a custom QR code, users simply select the ‘QR Code’ tab, enter the cryptocurrency they would like to receive, its associated blockchain network, and the amount. They will then be taken to a full menu of their QR codes, with the most recently created one at the top. Any can be selected, enlarged and sent to the payer. 

Choose When To Withdraw Payments

Unlike peer-to-peer payment gateways, Pelago lets merchants decide when to withdraw their crypto payments into their wallets. The withdrawal function is also found in My Assets. Here merchants can withdraw their crypto revenue and deposit it into their MetaMask wallet. And since merchants decide when to withdraw their assets, they can choose to do so when gas fees are minimal, saving transaction costs.  

Select Employee Permissions

In the workspace’s Admin section, merchants can assign users different roles with corresponding privileges for accessing the different features of the management platform. For instance, a business manager could give employees access to all of the platform’s features but the Withdraw function.

Your Go-To Crypto Payment Platform

Pelago is the easiest way to accept Web 3.0 payments in a fully decentralized way, offering an intuitive platform where merchants can track their crypto finances, withdraw their assets into their wallets, assign permissions to different users, and much more.